Health and Wellbeing

We engage our communities in creating healthy lifestyle choices to improve physical and mental health and reduce health inequalities across South West London.

We deliver Walking Football and our renowned Fulham Memories programme, supporting isolated adults and those living with dementia.

Our newest programme, More Than A Game, uses football as a tool to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and improve the mental wellbeing of young people, children and adults with disabilities, and adults at risk of loneliness.

The Numbers: 2022-23 Season


Participants in our health and wellbeing programmes


Young people and adults engaging in our More Than a Game mental wellbeing programme

Key Outcomes

0% of Walking Football participants feel some or a great deal of benefit for their physical health
0% of our Walking Football participants make new friends at our sessions
0% of Fulham Memories participants have increased their confidence as a result of attending the programme
0% of our Fulham Memories participants make new friends by attending our sessions
0% of our More Than A Game participants feel that their mental or physical health has improved as a result of the programme
0% of our More Than A Game participants have improved their knowledge around mental health as a result of the programme

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