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Fulham FC Foundation is the official charity of Fulham Football Club, committed to our vision for a healthy, inclusive and thriving community.

With the passionate pursuit of building better lives through sport, we connect Fulham FC to young people and adults across South West London. We work with a broad range of the community, supporting disabled young people, refugees, socially isolated adults, people with mental health challenges and many others.

We change the lives of over 10,000 people every year. We inspire and engage through sport, improving the physical health and mental wellbeing of our participants, while supporting people across our community to feel socially connected and confident.

Evaluating the difference we make to people’s lives is an essential part of our work. Through the following, you will be able to see who we are making a difference to and the impact we are having.

Our impact dashboard has been created to offer an honest, transparent, and accountable public display of the positive social change we as a Foundation desire to make.

The Big Numbers: 2022-23 Season




Average contact time per participant

Our Participants

Our Opportunities


Participants receiving a bursary


Participants completing a formal education or training qualification


Participants supported to progress to a secondary activity


Fulham FC player engagements in community activities

Our Key Outcomes

0% of participants reported their physical health had improved
0% of participants felt their mental wellbeing had improved
0% of participants stated they felt inspired and engaged
0% of participants made new friends and social connections

Annual Report - 2022-23 Season Download Here

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